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Dr. Christoph Wittekindt

Kanzlei Rechtsanwalt Dr. Christoph Wittekindt


National and
int. tax law
(private clients)

National and
cross-border inheritance law, donations

Real estate law

in particular foreign real estate

General business law (contracts, commercial, startups)

Kanzlei Wittekindt München

Legal advice is worthless if it does not take into account the underlying economic and fiscal interactions. This is particularly true for situations with a cross-border impact, whether in the field of tax law, inheritance/donation law, real estate law, commercial law or corporate law.

As an international law firm, we have a worldwide network of corresponding lawyers, with whom we regularly work together in confidence. Where necessary, we call on them and their expertise for a particular issue and/or seek expert advice on the applicable foreign law.

Kanzlei Wittekindt München


Here you will find publications by Dr. Christoph Wittekindt on various current topics.

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